Saturday 9: At the Beach

1. Do you plan to be at the beach this summer?

Yes, although it will just be a one day trip to there in the middle of the workweek.

2. Do you have a favorite beach?

Anyone that is on the ocean. I am not into lakes.

3. How old were you on your first beach trip?

Gods, I've no idea. I was very, very little.

4. Did your folks own or rent a cottage at the beach?

One year we rented a cottage on the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. Another year we had a cottage in Cape May, the southern most point in New Jersey.

5. Have you or would you bring your kids to the same beaches you went to as a kid?

Uh, no. That would mean that I have kids. Never!

6. What type of bathing suit do you wear at the beach?

One that isn't a thong.

7. Do you have favorite food you like to eat at the shore?

Almost anything is fine - it is energy consuming to swim in the ocean!

8. Do you have a favorite drink you like at the shore?

No, not that I tie in with being at the shore.

9. When is the next time you will be beach bound?

Hopefully in August.


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