OK, I Like This! II

A new look, sort of. I'd had this look when I first signed up for Blogger. But hey, most of you probably didn't know that. So, as far you know, this is a new look!

What a day this has been! I woke up and wondered if I'd missed the thunderstorms. It took about fifteen minutes to hear the answer - maybe I had missed one, but there was a new one rumbling its way in and was maybe fifteen miles away. It wasn't moving along fast, though, much like the one that is ambling its way in now... when I got out of the shower, it was still giving the occasional rumble, and a weak flash of lightning. I needn't have worried - it began to pick up intensity as I was preparing to leave. On the drive in there was no rain, but the bolt lightning was AMAZING! The rumbling was very loud, and the lightning detection system was having fits. It was going off a lot. Not that I saw a soul out there. And it was quite humid out there, as well.

It was raining when I got to work and had to use the umbrella to get in. (Now it is rumbling a lot, steadily, but I've not seen a single flash of lightning. That is always weird, all that noise - it is low-level but it will start booming soon enough! - but no light show.)

I'm enjoying the storms, but this will not be good in the end. We've a big (really big) event tomorrow and short of a miracle it is not looking too good. I'd hate to see it pour tomorrow but my right knee actually ached this afternoon, and I haven't had a weatherwise ache in a long, long time. Not that this is an immediately telling thing, but usually it is not too inaccurate. Also, the weather stations are all showing the same thing.

Uh-oh - Hurricane Dolly is making landfall in Texas. I'm not worried about Pat and Craig, but they are in Houston, and who knows where this hurricane will go? She'll lose strength as she moves inland, but even so, compared to Oklahoma, they are not far from the ocean. No more than we are, but this far north, we are hardly in much danger of seeing hurricanes and tropical storms.

This storm is picking up some volume, but it is not raining and there has not been any lightning. But the thunder is pervasive... and quite constant. The sky is medium dark, no special colour, and there is not a breath of wind - not even a zephyr... That is more ominous. The lack of colour and the fact that it isn't black outside makes one think that this won't be much but the total lack of moving air is... disconcerting. It is just ongoing rumbling.

Let's see what the radar shows...

Whoa, Nelly! This is all sound but I'm right that the lack of moving air means something bad! The radar shows an almost solid line of red slowly marching this way! It is stretched along the Sussex county line, up into New York and down into Allentown, PA. This is not moving at the speed of light but it is a juggernaut and can't get out of its own way. Yikes!

Well, we shall see what happens!


CrystalChick said…
Last night we were at the Mall getting clothes for our son and could hear the booming! Outside the lightening was amazing! It was all over the sky but going horizontally which was neat to look at but storms in general make me nervous. Hub loves to sit on our enclosed porch and watch them.

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