Who Here DOESN'T Think I'm Bold?!

Are You Bold?

You're out with a group of friends at a new restaurant. The dish you order ends up tasting terrible, but everyone else loves what they're eating. How do you react?
Order up a quick side dish to eat, and pick at your entree.
Eat as much of your meal as possible, and don't mention it to anyone.
Flag down the waiter, complain about the dish, and order something else.

If you start to become interested in a new hobby, you:
Think about it more before you do anything
Sign up to take a class on it right away
Buy a book on it

If you had an amazing job opportunity in a foreign city, what would you do?
Think about taking it, but ultimately stay where you are
Visit the city to see how you would feel about living there
Take it in a heartbeat

If you make a new friend, who usually thinks up something to do together next?
It's about 50-50
The new friend does
You do

Compared to most people you know, how unique are you?
Pretty unique
Very unique
Just about average

If you're having trouble in your life, you:
Will get yourself out of it eventually
Tend to get bummed out
Ask anyone you can think of for advice

How do you feel about negotiating for the price of something?
You don't love it, but it's necessary to get a fair deal
You consider yourself a master negotiator
You hate it

You Are Extremely Bold
When you want something in life, you'll just go for it.
You're never afraid of taking the plunge, even if there's risk involved.
You don't shy away from speaking up or speaking your mind.
You live life as it should be lived: with total enthusiasm and no fear.

My Comments
I wish I was that bold! There are times when I don't speak my mind and I should. And fearless? That is nuts - anyone who is alive feels fear, is sometimes afraid. That is a motivating force for many. Scary (ha, ha) but true.


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