Saturday Six: Episode 222

1. You decide to start a new exercise program. Without having a workout partner to help you, how likely are you to follow the plan religiously?

Bugger me, no. I can manage to get myself to the gym for a little while and then nothing happens. It's not good. But I don't know anyone who goes to my gym but one and our schedules are not likely to mesh.

2. Who was usually the first one to say, “I love you” in your past relationships: you or your partner?
Hmmm. Different ones. Luis said it first in our relationship. Poor guy. I'm sure he'd no idea what he was in for...! We've been together for nearly two decades, so I can't remember who said it first when it came to Tom Fisher or Joe Cataudella. It's a mystery. And since I have no idea what has become of either... I guess I won't know.

3. If you decided you wanted to date someone, what would the primary test you’d give to see whether your “intended” had commitment issues?
I didn't. It is not an issue for me - I'm happy to have a commitment if you'd like. Or not. Not everyone needs that sort of crutch. Or promise or whatever.

4. Take the quiz: Are you afraid of commitment?

I'll take it after this.

5. Do you find yourself faster or slower to commit to a presidential candidate now versus previous elections?
Slower every time. I don't trust them. I don't even like anyone this time around.

6. You see something in a store that you really, really want. Once you decide that you’re actually going to buy it, how easy would it be to talk yourself out of your commitment to buy it?

Practically impossible. I'm into buying things!

Are You Afraid of Commitment?
When someone tells you "I love you" for the first time, you usually feel:
Happy - you can't help wondering if you really love them back
Nervous - love can carry a lot of expectations
Overjoyed - you've been waiting for this

After you've been dating someone for a couple months, how many people have you introduced them to?
Your friends, family, co-workers... everyone!
Some close friends

How much time are you able to put into a relationship?
A evening a week if you're lucky
A few days a week, at least
At least a little bit every day
When you hang out with people who've been married a long time:
You somewhat envy them, but you also wonder if they're bored
You are very thankful that you're not married
You feel totally comfortable

If you were to commit to the person you're currently dating or interested in:
A few things about them would have to change.
Not relevant. You've already committed yourself to them.
They would have to change a lot about themselves

If someone you're with goes through a rough patch and becomes very needy for months, you:
Are about 50-50 on sticking it out
Are likely to break up
Will stay in the relationship

At this point in your life, could you see yourself cheating on someone?
You could imagine it, but it's not especially likely
That's totally out of the question
Yes - relationships are complicated

You Are Ready, Willing, and Able to Commit
You are not scared of commitment in the least.In fact, there's a good chance that you're already committed to someone you love. You are willing to give up a little freedom for relationship stability. And once you're in a relationship, you'll do almost anything to make things work.


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