Oldest Blogger Dies at 108

How cool is THIS?!

"Olive Riley found her blog “mind-boggling,” her great grandson says. It allowed her to make friends from around the world and maintain contact with people who were fascinated by her stories of growing up in the early 1900s.

“She enjoyed the notoriety — it kept her mind fresh,” he told a news agency.

And fresh it certainly seemed to be. She recalled in clear detail life at the turn of the century — the last one, that is. Born in 1899, (can you imagine?!?) she shared her thoughts about modern life and living through two world wars and raising three children. Though her mind remained sharp, she didn’t actually type up her blog, The Life of Riley. Her vision wouldn’t allow her to do the typing, but she had help in getting her stories transcribed.

“You 21st century people live a different life than the one I lived as a youngster in the early 1900s,” she wrote in a recent post about how laundry was done by hand. Her very first post of slightly more than 70 described a visit to see relatives she hadn’t seen in 80 years, and she jokes of being the target of too much attention from well-wishing relatives went so far as to tie a bell on her walker so they would know if she got up in the middle of the night:

“We’ll, I was so sick of that bell, that one night I got the idea of stuffing a sock in it so I’d have some peace and quiet. But you know, when I got to the bathroom, I must have bumped something because that bell rang again and there they all were ‘Nana’s up! Nana’s up!’ And then it was the landing instructions. ‘Back you go now, Nana, lower yerself down, now. That’s the spot’ O Gawd.”"


CrystalChick said…
I had been to her blog before because she was on the sidebar of another blogger I occasionally read. What life experiences a person must have who lives for that long, and to have the mind to remember so much of it. I can't recall what I did a week ago.

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