TMI Tuesday: Not For Me

Today's TMI Tuesday posting went up and I eagerly went there to check out the questions. And promptly decided not to go with them.

Passing gas to me isn't funny and isn't something I particularly want to talk about. Not because I can't but because it rates up there with topics like investment banking and politics... yawn!

So I found an older one:

1. How many credit cards do you own? Are they paid off?

I own one actual credit card. The other is my bank card. It looks like a credit card, but isn't really. The credit card paid off? Ha, ha, ha... that's a good one.

2. Can you be in love with someone you don't trust?

Sure, but it's a bad idea to have a relationship with that person. People date the "wrong" people all the time. Domestic abuse - talk about people loving untrustworthy people.

3. Should prostitution be legal?

Absolutely, positively YES! The things we could accomplish by legalising prostitution. Some people would never get laid if there wasn't prostitution and were it legal, they'd not have to take chances with diseased women or unscrupulous women trying to take them for the money. How is it that sex is illegal? That is just nuts!

4. On a scale of 1-10, how good of a lover do you think you are? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)

This is purely subjective. You should ask Luis this. He seems satisfied, but then, I love to give oral sex as much as the other stuff, so he is happy - how many men do you know that lament their wives not giving them the pleasure of a really good hummer? So it is all truly subjective.

5. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?

Um, let's see. Well... they'd have to be pretty heinous. Suggesting sex that night would be one. Aiming for that night makes it seem a little too much like that is the only reason for having the date. Item number 2. would be displaying rude behaviour to others. Such as not being nice to the server in a restaurant. Unforgiveable. Number 3... I don't know. The last time I went on a date was 19 years ago!

Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about your worst date ever.

One date was with a really tall, good looking guy that was a friend of a friend. He must have been gay or at any rate he was really sexually screwed up. We went out a fourth or fifth time. On this date, we had a dull meal and then went to my house where he wanted me to keep on my panty hose and high heels and only wanted to touch my legs. Oh, my. That was the end of that. It was clear that any things else was out of the question - he had no liking for anything except pantyhose!


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