Saturday Six: Episode 220

1. When is the last time you actually filled your car’s car tank completely?

This afternoon. Granted, I was topping it off. However, on Thursday morning, I filled it from nearly empty. I usually don't let it get that low...

2. What’s the most you’ve paid for a gallon of gas so far?

I paid $4.17 on Thursday. Unfortunately, my car takes only high-test gasoline, so I pay the higher price. However, I've seen it as high as $4.39 a gallon in the town gas stations and that is just nuts. Exxon tends to be high. Go to Hess, if you can. They tend to be the lowest.

3. Has the high gas prices affected how much you travel at all?

It has not. I drive to work and there is no way around that. I still drive to my parents' house and there is no bailing out on my weekly trips there.

4. Take the quiz: What does the road trip of your life say about you?

Ok. I'll finish this first.

5. Which single statement was the most accurate about you?

I'm WYSWYG. What you see is what you get.

6. If your best friend called you up and wanted to take a week-long road trip, would you be able to afford it?

It might be extravagant but yes, I can afford it.

What Does the Road of Life Say About You?
Imagine you are taking a road trip. Who is with you?
Someone you're romantically involved with.
No one. You're flying solo.
Your best friend.
A big group of friends.
Your family.

How long will your road trip take?
A couple days
Just a day trip
A week
A few weeks

What sort of route do you end up taking?
Smaller highways
Major freeways
Country roads

How often do you stop to stretch your legs?
Once every couple hours
Only when you need gas
Once an hour

How do you entertain yourself?
Checking out the roadside attractions
Listening to music
Telling stories
Playing road games

The Road Trip of Your Life
You see life as a journey you must take alone. Independence and individuality are primary to you. You often find yourself rushing through life. You don't take as much time as you'd like to enjoy the little things. You are all about risk and randomness in your life. You travel off the beaten path... in fact, you're often the one carving the way! You tend to be a workaholic. You overwork yourself without ever realizing it and sometimes suffer the consequences later. In another life, you could have been a great artist. You trust your creative instincts enough to let them lead you.


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