Have You Ever Had...

...Just one of those days?

I did, today. The devil got me. Two little heinous conversations in a 30-minute period and *POOF* the whole day is right down the tubes. I was there until 1645 - I got in at 0545. A LONG bloody day!

I figure this would be an optimal time to get this off my chest... a rant. A rant about those really stupid magnetic ribbons that too many people have on the bumper of their cars! I hate those things.

Call me an unfeeling wretch. I don't have a problem with supporting your favourite group or whatever. I support our troops that are overseas, for example. But 1. I have my strong doubts that a single penny goes toward that group and 2. what is the purpose for announcing every group you are into? And on your vehicle, no less - because other drivers need that kind of distraction.

Well, I have the perfect picture! I was not driving when I saw this, it was on someone's vehicle when we went to the Balloon Festival (so named for the many balloons I saw - none of them airbourne! Oops, did I say that?). I had to take the image of this!


CrystalChick said…


Seriously, I love certain bumper stickers but never put any on my car.
I actually considered 'vanity' plates for awhile too. Whether I was too cheap to spend the 50 bucks or just couldn't think of something great to put on one I can't remember.

Hey, where are the pictures of the Balloon Festival and why weren't they in the air???

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