Post Number 1,000!

This is it! My 1,000th blog post!

Even more staggering, this is my 363rd post of 2008!

Obviously, some posts are better than others. There are weekly memes, weekly posts about the Word.A.Day e-mails I receive Monday through Friday, posts about my cousin's trek through the Pacific Coast Trail, a multitude of astronomy-related posts and of course numerous rants about people and their unbelievable behaviour. And my somewhat unconventional and irreverent look at different things.

And I'm completely sacreligious.

But one thing I have learned about the world from blogging is that no matter how many people don't see my take on things as I do, there are so, so many who do! When I make fun of celebrity names and disparage the nuts that are too rigid in a religious way, there are plenty out there who tell me that they agree.

I used to think I was the only person who felt this or that way about something, but now I always think that there is someone out there who will agree wholeheartedly.

But the people I admire the most are those who read my posts, shrug it off as Aislínge's just crazy, and then come back to read more, undaunted in their beliefs and letting me have mine! I want to be more like that - instead of being the kind of person I dislike - rigid and unrelenting that my way is the ONLY way!


CrystalChick said…
Woooo Hoooo! Congrats on your 1000th blog post!
I have only been blogging since last August. But it's sure fun and I hope I get to do 1000 of them.

What you said is so true, some posts are better than others for all who blog. But if you don't keep going back, you'll miss the gems in between.

Of course you and I have totally different topics and live very different lives, but we are still becoming wonderful friends anyway! So the community of bloggers has some basic commonality in that many of us just like to post about life, our thoughts and feelings, etc. I don't have to understand or agree with all the specifics of how you live to like you, to enjoy the way you write, etc.

So continue on dear Aislinge! I'll be coming back to visit often.
Hug, M
p.s. Enjoyed the balloon and helicopter photos and the rant about the date and patriotism.

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