Is It Just Me?

Lately I have gotten into a cycle of blogging using questionnaires, memes (which I really do enjoy) and articles. I need to return to my own writing. I must say that there are far better writers than I out there. But that is not the topic of this posting.

Whilst looking at different things on FaceBook, I saw an ad on there reading "Look at my new belly. Try the new green tea diet!" This is disturbing. There is no other way to put it. Selling a fad diet is bad. And there are a huge number of fat people out there. I'm one of them, but while I'm not saying I'm happy being me even if I am fat, I'm not willing to try one of those terribly unhealthy diets to get to a more desirable look.

Years ago I tried the Atkins diet. I lost twelve pounds in two weeks, was completely miserable, resumed getting a mentrual cycle despite the Depo, had lank greasy hair that was falling out, was always exhausted... should I keep going? It was bad news.

How ironic that Atkins died from a heart problem. Stuff no one wants you to know. Obviously the diet is not all that and a bag of chips (well... clearly there are no chips involved. Those are barbs, you know, a no-no in this wacky diet).

My feeling is that any diet where an entire food group is disqualified cannot be good or healthy - unless you already know that your body cannot process the food type, such as someone with a glutin allergy. But even then, there are things that you can still eat to get what is missing. I also think the vegan diets are not good for one - unless there are a lot of vitamins involved. I'd rather get my vitamins from food, not horse pills.

That FaceBook promotes this (whatever their personal feelings are, it is wrong to just market anything because it will sell). Then again, someone put a program on there called "Happy Pills" - but you can send your friends vicodin - ye gods! - Vitamin K (I know it as Special K, but it all boils down to Ketamine). There were other things on there as well. FaceBook states painly that they did not create this application- their way of ensuring that you don't think they are condoning "giving" someone a huge mega-pain killer (the drawing shows a long pill with VICODIN written on it). However, isn't allowing its use just as much a crime? It is disturbing.

I'm one of the few older people on FaceBook and I know that. But I know how easy it is for younger people to misunderstand these things.


CrystalChick said…
I love memes too, but don't do them all the time, just when one comes along that I like. Some of them are boring, or rather, MY answers would be.

I agree with you on much of this, but fad diets have always been around. I heard of a cookie diet one time, hey, I might try THAT ONE! haha
The two diets that worked best for me in all my years were gluten/wheat free combined with low fat. To not have all the breads and pastas was helpful because I'm not active enough to burn them. Now I can have those foods again and gained allllll the weight again.
The other was simply counting calories. I tried to eat low fat foods but really allowed myself anything as long as it was within the range of calories for the day. So if I wanted some pizza for din, I knew that breakfast and lunch had to be lower fat and cal. I keep saying instead of going on that DIET again, I'm just going to make better choices at meals. We eat well, but I don't necessarily need some of the sweets I've been allowing myself, and a couple other things.
But you know what? Thin, healthy people die eventually too so it's not really worth it to stress over a diet either.

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