A Photo Meme

My good friend CrystalChick sent me a heads up that she'd be doing a photo meme, and so I've been "patiently" waiting for it to go up so that I can take a whack at it and see what I would come up with. It's finally out and so now it is my turn.

Here is the list and now I need to take the images to go with the list of things. Except for the dream vacation, I'll go and find that place online.

1. My Dream Vacation
Everyone has a dream vacation. For Luis, his ideal dream vacation is being at home in front of a monitor, sleeping, in front of the telly, eating, in front of a 70mm movie screen, sleeping... you get the idea. Many feel Italy is their dream vacation. My cousin is hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, that is her dream vacation. My mother's dream vacation is China; Ray's is almost anywhere he has not yet been.

Mine is Hawai'i, but it is not what you are thinking. Unless you know my particular and peculiar loves, in which case you know exactly what I want to do for my ideal vacation in Hawai'i. I will see the cliffs, and the ocean, and the monument in Pearl Habor. But my heart is in Kilauea, seeing the volcano. It is all I have ever wanted to see in Hawai'i. Iceland is a second destination. However, while the Halemaumau vent is a big thing, so is the Hawai'ian ovservatory - so many solar eclipses happen there and I want to see that in a really, really big way!

Other dream vacations are out there are and they almost all include volcanoes, the ocean, the desert, someplace with so much more to offer than just alcohol and whatever. I wonder how people find Cancun a great vacation spot or Jamaica. The places are beautiful, do not misunderstand me. But going someplace to stay only in a compound or designated area because the surrounding places are too dangerous or being on vacation in a place where drinking and clubbing are the main attractions is pointless to me.

2. Self Portrait
This is tough. I have a less than attractive face and I know it. I tried to get a decent image of myself this afternoon but I am tired and I look it. My skin around my eyes makes me appear as thought I've dark circles around them. Not pretty. But there are others and I took a couple the last Saturday. I don't have a program that allows me to remove the dark circles or make me pretty (that would be SOME program!), so this is it. This is what you get!

I'm not completely unhappy with this image. It makes me look not so unattractive, and it makes me look like I have a neck. It makes my nose look OK. I may not look my usual happy sunny self, but once I smile, then all the facial flaws I have become obvious!

3. What are the kids doing right now?
My one remaining kid is yawning. Or she was when I took this! Isn't that the cutest thing? I realise that the original author of this meme assumed that all those answering would either have human children (no thank you!) or no children. I suppose I could answer that my 43-year-old child is napping. I clean up after him as though he were my child and men are very much oversized children (not that we of the "fairer" sex aren't but I am sure we are less immature kids than our mates/friends!

But like any parent, I think my kid is the cutest of them all!

4. My closet
I love my closet: big, roomy, spacious, very neat. I forgot to take a picture of it, though. So until I do, you'll have to live with the description.

It is a walk-in closet, about four and a half by four and a half feet, with racks on two sides, a couple of small shelves on those two sides as well, and then one wall has a large shoe rack. I love this closet. It is not a California closet, but when we go forward with our plans for the bathroom renovations, we will be moving the closet first and that new one will be a California closet. Oh, heavenly! It will be truly amazing, this I know! I am hoping that we will be able to use every square inch of it and that way there will be little to no swapping of seasonal clothing. I'm not a total clothes horse, and I am not a shoe nut by ANY means. But I do have them... and Luis has clothes and shoes, too.

5. Favourite room
My favourite room, even though I'm not in it all the time, is the sunroom. I love it. Windows that let in the brilliant light of the sun and the silvery light of the moon. It overlooks my quiet lovely backyard and lets me see the sun set over the western horizon. In the winter I can see the bustle of North Beverwyck, and in the summer there is just the beauty of the dark green leaves. I love it.

My old couch is here and at some point we will likely replace it but for now it is fine. My hanging sky chair is in this room, though, and I really love that chair. I burn a lot of candles there. I read and write and listen to music there. It is peaceful and pleasant and it is a lovely relaxing blue colour. Life is great in this room with no television.

There is a lot more to life than television. I suppose I shouldn't say that my laptop is making the telly room much more appealing, although it does (especially this time of year, as I cannot depend on the few off-season shows to keep me entertained). But telly is not everything.

We used this room exclusively when the telly and TiVO and surround sound was in there. Luis was in it last night for the first time in months - since March, when we moved the telly out to the living room in preparation of getting our fireplace. It was a good move but it was hard to become accustomed to the change. But it was a good change and completely worth it. In the winter, I suspect that the living room may well be my favourite.

6. Favourite shoes
Don't look at the partial things there - those are my feet in one of my pairs of non-work sandals (which is to say that they are casual and comfortable and perfect for this weather).

I do have a couple of pairs of shoes that are favourites, this is one them. I have a fur-lined pair of clogs that I adore. They are extraordinarily comfortable. They are a soft brown suede and havan M on them that makes me think of the Monster's Inc logo.

These clogs are not the ones I just wrote about, but these illustrator a great pair of clogs and I love the colour. They also show the heel and sole. These clogs are the most unbelievably comfortable shoes anywhere.

7. Laundry room
It is admittedly hard to really take a good image of the laundry room. It is not a small square room... it is more like a rectangle, but it has a strange shape and it is long and very narrow, so it is not something I can easily photograph. But it is a good utility room. We have the slop sink, washing machine, dryer, water softener (it's defunct but eventually we will get another one that does work), the two hot water tanks (the 80-gallon solar-power heated one, and the old 50-gallon tank that is no longer in use) and the gas furnace. Luis' old ten speed bike is there and so is the hammock and cover.

The washer and dryer are five years old and work well. They are really great. We bought them at Sears just before we did the closing and they were put in the day we moved in to this house. I'm delighted that we sold our other washer and dryer with the house we sold and got these. They've drawers underneath each and that adds storage but even better, they are pedastals, so I needn't bend over so much to put the wash in and take it out. And they have really great features. Technology is not the worst thing in the world.

8. My bathroom
One of two circa 1968 bathrooms that we have gone out and shopped for fixtures for, have a contractor, have the pricing for everything (just about)... they desparately need to be done, and not merely for aesthetic reasons (although clearly that is a part of it. Look at these appalling colours!). They leak and they are tiny - this bathroom is extremely narrow, Luis's bathroom is a tiny square, with a recessed cave for a shower. I never use his shower and I almost never use my toilet. Funny, right?

My toilet constantly make running noises, about every ten minutes. It can't be water conservative, certainly. Both toilets are old, so they are the 5 or higher gallon ones. Now they make them to be less than 2 gallons; amazing, really. (I did request that they not sound like jet engines taking off... you laugh. You should hear what toilets sound like now with so much less water.)

My new bathroom will have a giant Olympic size swimming tub, something I insist on! Luis does, too - he loves taking baths. Isn't that funny? He's funny, and he looks rediculous in the tub - that stupid tiny tub that is 5' (60") long, and only fills up to half its depth (which is not that much to start). I'm very eager to have my swimming tub. The only disappointing thing is no bubble bath - not in the tub with jets.

9. The sink
There is little to say about the sink. It is a normal circa 1968 sink, which is to say that there is nothing notable about it. We spent yesterday morning looking at new fixtures and wow, the way those will look when our bathrooms are renovated - amazing!

Until then I have a perfectly nice sink and bathroom albiet a narrow one that do what they need to do. I'm not a huge sink person... I don't wash my face often. I don't wear cosmetics of any kind, so there is nothing to wash off at the end of the day. I brush my teeth at work more than at home and that sink is definitely not notable.

10. The fridge
What is the attraction of looking in my refrigerator? Especially since, well, there is hardly anything in there. We are out of milk, sauces, skim milk, sugar-free pudding, cheese, etc. Fresh fruit and vegetables are definitely missing from our refrigerator. We are not good about stocking it and keeping it stocked. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, although it has it's advantages and disadvantages.

The refrigerator needs a cleaning but oddly enough, our cleaning people not only clean our house well but they do unusual ceaning tasks once every three or four visits to do things that need not be cleaned every two weeks but need it from time to time. So they do occasionally empty the frig, clean it out in its entirety and then put everything back. It is always a delight when I come home that Monday and everything is just as it should be AND the refrigerator is spotless.

That is the BEST thing!


CrystalChick said…
AWESOME! I'm glad you did this one too. My house was really messy so I had to get creative with the photos. LOL Guess I've been blogging too much??

I think your photo is great! You look like a Goddess, long neck, dark eyes, full lips.
I have some photo programs, and obviously use them!!!
I crop, haze, highlight, darken, lighten, etc.
But I do that with alot of pictures, not just ones of me. I have one going up of my grandson and his daddy in a day or two. They don't need any thing done to them really, the perfection of baby skin and youth, but I still turned it black and white and took some stuff out.

OOOH, a walk in closet must be so nice!

Mmmm! FUZE. I like the orange blossom one.

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