Saturday 9: Name That Tune

1. What was the first CD/LP that you ever purchased?

Pink Floyd's The Wall. No, wait. Ray bought that. U2's Boy would be the first one that I bought. The first inherited album I had was The Beatles' Abbey Road.

2. Are you still a fan of that group or artist?

Oh, gods, yes. Huge!

3. What was the latest CD/mp3's you've purchased?

Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.

4. Is there an artist or band that you relate to more than any other?

Mmmmm, probably not any one band - not any more. I identify with a lot of bands and what they have to say. And more come up all the time. It is not necessarily the message that they have, but how they say it. Love, longing, anger, angst, they are all the same emotions to each but how someone says they are in love, have longing, feel anger, feel angst, that is where the difference lies.

5. What is your favorite song currently?

Viva La Vida, which is unusual for me, since the lyrics have a lot relating to Catholicism, something I'm not. But the music and the lyrics - amazing!

6. What band or artist do you think has had the most influence over the years?

U2. They really have changed the world.

7. Is there a band or artist that you love, but is a "guilty pleasure"? If yes, who?

Oh, sure. There a couple. I have my few bands that no one would think I'd like... Let me see... Hold on...

8. Is there a band or artist that you hate, but most people seem to love?

Bruce Springsteen. I so don't understand that. The man sounds like he gargles with Liquid Draino and this is talent! How does that work? How can that be? I'm mystified by that.

9. What is your favorite CD/LP of all time?

SAY WHAT? You are asking someone with a library of 800 CDs and 10,000 songs on iTunes to answer this! Not possible. There are too many with top rank.


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